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Migraine Glasses: Black Cat Eye Photochromic

Smart FL-41 Photochromic Light Adjusting

$ 44.99

Fantastic glasses !!

"I haven’t had any migraines since I started wearing them and the eye strain I often feel in the evenings is gone!" -Lisa

2 Yr Replacement Warranty

Designed in the USA

Glare & Scratch Resistant

Free Shipping


Introducing smart fl-41 migraine glasses! These rosy-hued glasses are specifically designed for a migraine sufferer's needs: focusing on comfort and wearability.

Smart glasses that adjust to extra light!

These light-sensitivity glasses react to UV by darkening, providing even more migraine protection to migraineurs.


  • Blocks all light waves triggering to migraine sufferers
  • Prescription-free lenses perfect for filtering painful light from computer screens 
  • UV reactive darkening to adjust to your light needs whether inside or out
  • 100% UV protection
  • Scratch resistant
  • Anti-glare 

Migraine Glasses: Black Cat Eye Photochromic

$ 44.99
Family Tree Remedies

Introducing the Eclipse Aura Lens

Smart migraine glasses that adapt to light

How to Use

  1. Wear glasses indoor when working under florescent lighting or in front of a screen.

  2. Lens automatically darkens in response to UV rays outside or near windows.

  3. Use as needed indoor and outdoors for light sensitivity.

Family Tree Remedies

Why Choose the Eclipse Aura Lens

Designed in the USA

Glare & Scratch Resistant

Scientifically Backed

Trigger Free Frame

2 Year 2 Replacement Warranty

Family Tree Remedies
Family Tree Remedies

Peace of mind

2 Year 2 Replacement Warranty

We know how debilitating migraines can be. That's why we offer a 2-year replacement warranty on our photochromic migraine glasses, ensuring you're protected from additional stress and anxiety

Made to handle whatever life throws at you

Warranty Details

  • Free replacement for any manufacturer defects.
  • 2 Replacements of lost, damaged, or stolen glasses during 2 years from purchase
  • Just pay $10 shipping & handling
  • Easy and hassle-free claim process


You Have Enough to Deal With

Built by migraine sufferers, we've designed our warranty to be as stress-free as possible, reducing potential triggers and providing you with peace of mind.

Shipping & Guarantee

Free shipping

We offer free Standardized shipping within the USA on all orders. It generally takes 5-7 business days for the package to be received at your home. We also offer Expedited shipping for an additional $5.00 for delivery within 2-3 business days, and Priority shipping for $10.00 for 1 business day delivery. If your package has not been received within 7 business days e-mail us at and we will do an investigation into the missing item. If the package was lost or damaged in the mail, e-mail us and we will generally just send a new package.

2 Year 2 Replacement Warranty

If your Eclipse Aura Migraine Glasses, frames or lenses become damaged for any reason at all within two years of purchase,* you may request a new pair by submitting a request via email at . If you lose your Eclipse Aurass, you may also submit a request for replacement using this same process. Proof of purchase may be required to make a Replacement Request. 

A processing fee is required for all replacements. These processing fees are subject to change at Family Tree Remedies discretion. The current processing fees at the time you submit your item for replacement will apply regardless of the date you purchased your item. The schedule below contains the current processing fee that applies for each lost or broken replacement. The specific processing fee you are charged is based on:

Eclipse Aura: Tortoise UltraLight $10.00

Eclipse Aura: Chat Noir $10.00

Manufacturer Defect Warranty

We stand by our product and will replace any defective pair of sunglasses free with in the 2 year warranty period.


What are FL-41 Migraine Glasses?

FL-41 migraine glasses are specially tinted eyewear designed to reduce the frequency and intensity of migraines triggered by light sensitivity. The FL-41 tint filters out specific wavelengths of light, particularly blue and green light, that are known to trigger migraines and eye strain.

Who can benefit from wearing FL-41 glasses?

FL-41 glasses are beneficial for individuals who suffer from migraines, light sensitivity (photophobia), visual stress, or eye strain. They are also helpful for people who spend long hours in front of screens or under fluorescent lighting.

Can I wear FL-41 glasses all the time?

Generally, you can wear FL-41 glasses throughout the day, both indoors and outdoors consult with your eyecare professional for advise on how to wear them. They are designed to provide comfort and protection from light-triggered migraines and eye strain.

Are FL-41 glasses suitable for children?

Yes, FL-41 glasses are suitable for children, especially those who suffer from migraines or light sensitivity. It's important to choose a frame size that fits comfortably on a child's face.

How should I care for my FL-41 glasses?

To keep your FL-41 glasses in good condition, clean them regularly with a microfiber cloth and lens cleaner. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials. Store them in a protective case when not in use.

Are there any side effects of wearing FL-41 glasses?

Most people do not experience any side effects from wearing FL-41 glasses. However, some individuals may need a short adjustment period to get used to the tint. If you experience discomfort, consult with your eye care professional.

What are photochromic lenses?

Photochromic lenses are eyeglass lenses that automatically adjust their tint in response to changing light conditions. They darken when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light, such as sunlight, and return to their prior state when indoors or in low light.

How do photochromic lenses work?

Photochromic lenses contain special molecules that change structure when exposed to UV light. This change in structure causes the lenses to darken, providing protection from bright light and glare. When the UV light is removed, the lenses return to their prior rose-colored state.

Are photochromic lenses the same as transition lenses?

"Transition" is a brand name for a type of photochromic lens. While all Transition lenses are photochromic, not all photochromic lenses are Transition lenses.

How long does it take for photochromic lenses to change tint?

The time it takes for photochromic lenses to adjust varies depending on the brand and the intensity of the UV light. Generally, it takes about 30 seconds for the lenses to darken and as little as a minute to return to rose.

Do photochromic lenses provide UV protection?

Yes, photochromic lenses provide 100% UV protection, helping to shield your eyes from harmful UV rays whether the lenses are rose-colored or darkened.

What are Eclipse Aura Lenses made of?

TAC (Tri Acetate Cellulose) sunglass lenses are made from a type of plastic that is lightweight, durable, and offers excellent optical clarity. They are commonly used in polarized sunglasses to reduce glare and improve visual comfort in bright conditions.

What are the benefits of TAC lenses?

TAC lenses provide several benefits, including:

- **Glare Reduction** Reduces glare from reflective surfaces like water, snow, and roads.

- **UV Protection:** Offers 100% protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays.

- **Impact Resistance:** TAC lenses are more impact-resistant than standard lenses.

- **Lightweight:** TAC lenses are lighter than glass lenses, making them more comfortable to wear for extended periods.

How do TAC lenses compare to polycarbonate lenses?

TAC lenses are lighter and offer better optical clarity than polycarbonate lenses. TAC lenses are suitable for many outdoor activities, especially those where glare reduction is important, such as fishing, boating, and skiing. 

Can I add my perscription to Eclipse Aura lenses after I purchase them?

Adding a prescription to pre-made photochromic TAC lenses tinted with FL-41 is usually not possible. Here's why:

1. **Manufacturing Process:** Prescription lenses need to be made to fit your vision from the start. Once lenses have a tint and coating, changing them to add a prescription isn't practical.

2. **Material Limitations:** TAC lenses are made from a plastic that might not work well with the equipment used to make prescription lenses.

3. **Optical Clarity:** Putting a prescription in lenses that are already tinted and coated can make them less clear and effective.

4. **Warranty and Quality Control:** Changing pre-made lenses can void the warranty and might not meet quality standards.

Are Eclipse Aura lenses polorized?

Since Eclipse Aura lenses are intended to be used both indoor and outside, they are not polorized. This is due to the fact that most electronic screens already use anti-glare coating, so wearing polorized glasses will make it particulary hard to spot fine details.

Our lenses do provide several benefits, including:

- **Glare Reduction** Reduces glare from reflective surfaces like water, snow, and roads.

- **UV Protection:** Offers 100% protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays.

- **Impact Resistance:** TAC lenses are more impact-resistant than standard lenses.

- **Lightweight:** TAC lenses are lighter than glass lenses, making them more comfortable to wear for extended periods.

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