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Family Tree Remedies
Family Tree Remedies
Family Tree Remedies

Aloe Green light Therapy Lamp

520 nm Green Therapy Light

Designed in the USA

Flicker-Free Therapy LEDs

2 Year Extended Warranty

Free Shipping

$ 54.99

Our Aloe products have been designed following specific requirements as shown through multiple scientific studies for migraine sufferers.


  • Green light therapy at 520mn
  • Therapy-grade LEDs with no flicker
  • Powerful battery life for therapy wherever you need it
  • 360 degree adjustable neck for precise light positioning

Harvard Medical School website.

University of Arizona Health Sciences: ScienceDaily.

Technology Networks.

Journal of Pain and Brain Research: Studies published in Brain (2016) and Pain (2018) demonstrate that green light can alleviate photophobia and reduce migraine intensity, supporting green light therapy as a potential migraine treatment.

Aloe Green light Therapy Lamp

$ 54.99

How to Use

  1. Use in dark room with no competing light.

  2. Turn on Aloe to desired brightness and color (green for therapy).

  3. Read, breathe, practice mindfulness for at least 30 min.

Family Tree Remedies

Why Choose the Aloe Light

Designed in the USA

520 nm Wavelength

Scientifically Backed

Flicker-Free LEDs

2 Year Warranty

Family Tree Remedies
Family Tree Remedies

Peace of mind

2 Year 2 Replacement Warranty

We know how debilitating migraines can be. That's why we offer a 2-year extended manufacturers warranty on our Aloe lights, ensuring you're protected from additional stress and anxiety

We stand by our products

Warranty Details

  • Free replacement for any manufacturer defects for 2 years.
  • Easy and hassle-free claim process


You Have Enough to Deal With

Built by migraine sufferers, we've designed our warranty to be as stress-free as possible, reducing potential triggers and providing you with peace of mind.

Shipping & Guarantee

Free shipping

We offer free Standardized shipping within the USA on all orders. It generally takes 5-7 business days for the package to be received at your home. We also offer Expedited shipping for an additional $5.00 for delivery within 2-3 business days, and Priority shipping for $10.00 for 1 business day delivery. If your package has not been received within 7 business days e-mail us at and we will do an investigation into the missing item. If the package was lost or damaged in the mail, e-mail us and we will generally just send a new package.

2 Year 2 Replacement Warranty

If your Eclipse Aura Migraine Glasses, frames or lenses become damaged for any reason at all within two years of purchase,* you may request a new pair by submitting a request via email at . If you lose your Eclipse Aurass, you may also submit a request for replacement using this same process. Proof of purchase may be required to make a Replacement Request. 

A processing fee is required for all replacements. These processing fees are subject to change at Family Tree Remedies discretion. The current processing fees at the time you submit your item for replacement will apply regardless of the date you purchased your item. The schedule below contains the current processing fee that applies for each lost or broken replacement. The specific processing fee you are charged is based on:

Eclipse Aura: Tortoise UltraLight $10.00

Eclipse Aura: Chat Noir $10.00

Manufacturer Defect Warranty

We stand by our product and will replace any defective pair of sunglasses free with in the 2 year warranty period.


What is green light therapy and how does it work for migraines?

Green light therapy involves exposure to a narrow band of green light that may alleviate light sensitivity and migraine symptoms. It is believed that green light can reduce photophobia (light sensitivity) and the severity of migraine headaches by emitting wavelengths that are less likely to exacerbate migraine symptoms compared to other colors of light.

Why Do Green Wavelengths Calm the Brain?

Green light therapy is particularly effective for calming the brain due to its unique wavelength properties. The retina and brain process green light wavelengths (typically around 520 nm) more gently compared to the harsher processing required for other colors. This reduced intensity in processing means that green light is less likely to provoke the neural pathways associated with migraine pain.

Research suggests that green light emits small signals that are easier for our brain's visual processing centers to handle. This gentle stimulation helps to reduce the exacerbation of migraine symptoms and can soothe the brain, leading to a decrease in migraine pain and associated symptoms like photophobia (sensitivity to light). Additionally, green light has been shown to produce less activation of the brain’s pain pathways compared to other wavelengths, such as blue or red light.

These calming effects on the brain make green light a promising non-pharmacological therapy for migraine relief and possibly other conditions related to neural hypersensitivity

How effective is green light therapy in treating migraines?

Research indicates that green light exposure can lessen the frequency and intensity of migraine headaches for many patients. Studies show that green light, at low intensities, can reduce headache pain and might even reduce the number of headache days when used consistently.

Are there any side effects associated with green light therapy for migraines?

Green light therapy is generally considered safe and non-invasive, with studies reporting no significant adverse effects. This makes it a favorable option for many who are sensitive to medications or are looking for non-pharmacological alternatives.

Can green light therapy be used alongside other migraine treatments?

Yes, green light therapy can be used as a complementary treatment alongside traditional migraine treatments. However, it's advisable to consult with a healthcare provider for personalized advice on combining treatments.

What specific wavelength (nm) of green light is used for migraine therapy?

The most effective wavelength for migraine therapy is typically around 520 nm. Studies have shown that this specific narrow band of green light can help reduce migraine symptoms without exacerbating them. It is important to use a pure green light source that specifically emits light at this wavelength.

How is green light therapy administered?

Green light therapy is typically administered using specially designed lamps or LED bulbs that emit the correct wavelength. The therapy often involves sitting in a room lit by this green light for a specified period, typically around one to two hours daily. Consistency in therapy sessions is crucial for seeing benefits.

How long does it take for green light therapy to help?

The time it takes for green light therapy to provide relief can vary. Some studies suggest that patients might begin to see a reduction in migraine frequency and severity within a few weeks of consistent daily exposure. However, individual results can vary based on the frequency and duration of the therapy.

Is green light therapy used preventatively or during a migraine episode?

Green light therapy can be used both as a preventative measure and during migraine episodes. Regular use can potentially decrease the frequency and intensity of migraines over time. During a migraine, green light can also help to reduce pain and photophobia, making it easier to manage acute symptoms.

Is Green Light Therapy Safe for Children and During Pregnancy?

Green light therapy is considered a safe, non-invasive option for most people, including children and pregnant women. Unlike some medications and other treatments, green light therapy does not involve pharmaceuticals, which makes it a preferable choice for those who are pregnant or children, where medication can sometimes present risks.

Research and clinical practice have not reported significant adverse effects from green light therapy, making it a low-risk option for managing conditions like migraines. However, as with any therapy, it is recommended that those who are pregnant or considering this treatment for children consult with a healthcare provider. This ensures that the therapy aligns with individual health needs and considers any specific precautions.

It is important to monitor the duration and intensity of exposure to ensure it remains within comfortable limits for children and pregnant women. While there are no widespread studies specifically targeting these populations, the general consensus in the medical community points to its safety due to the non-invasive nature of the therapy​.

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