Family Tree Remedies

Family Tree Remedies is a business built by migraine sufferers for migraine sufferers. Our business model is greatly influenced by our experiences as consumers... and we are dedicated to keeping you migraine free at all costs.

What does it mean to be a headache free company?

  • We don't send spam or useless is a headache
  • 100% hassle-free returns
  • Transparent information- we know you are smart and want all the facts up front
  • Made in the USA with quality raw materials

Our story...

After struggling with migraines, our neurologists all recommended the same supplements:

PA free Butterbur Root, Feverfew, Magnesium, and Riboflavin

Searching the internet and purchasing them should have been easy, except the high quality ingredients we needed were expensive and a hassle to take.

Surely others could benefit from this combination of supplements...

And Family Tree Remedies was born
We created the item many people are looking when they search online for the numerous supplements commonly recommended by headache specialists... Preventa Migraine combines these same high quality ingredients in 1 easy to take capsule. 
We truly hope your life will be changed for the better after taking Preventa Migraine like ours has been... welcome to our family