Feverfew for Migraines: A Natural Remedy You Need to Know About

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Feverfew for Migraines: A Natural Remedy You Need to Know About

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Do you suffer from frequent headaches and migraines? If so, you’re not alone. An estimated 36 million Americans suffer from chronic headaches, and about one in every 10 of those people get migraines. Unfortunately, many of us are left with very few ways to treat our headaches and migraines. Over-the-counter pills are usually the first line of defense against these painful ailments. However, they have many side effects that can be just as harmful as the pain they’re supposed to relieve. If you’d rather avoid the potential risks of medication or simply want an alternative option that has fewer side effects, look no further than feverfew for migraines.



What is Feverfew?

Feverfew is a plant that many people have grown in their own gardens for generations. It also has many medicinal properties. It is often used to help prevent migraine headaches. How does feverfew work? The flowers have chemicals in them called “parthenolides”. These chemicals are what help people with migraine headaches. People who use feverfew to prevent migraines often use it daily as part of a supplement regime.


Why is Feverfew Good for Migraines?

Feverfew has been used for centuries to help reduce migraines and headaches. Specialists believe that feverfew may reduce migraine headaches by blocking the release of certain chemicals in the body, such as serotonin. Serotonin may be responsible for triggering blood vessels to swell, which is thought to be the primary cause of migraines. Not only does feverfew help to prevent migraines, it also reduces the severity and frequency of them as well. Even more, it can be helpful for people who suffer from cluster headaches, migraines with a level of pain that is usually described as unbearable.


How Does Feverfew Help With Migraines?

Feverfew is a natural migraine treatment that has been shown to reduce migraine frequency, duration, and severity. A daily dose of feverfew has been proven to help prevent migraines from occurring in the first place. It’s also been shown to reduce the need for other migraine treatments, like prescription and over the counter drugs. Some studies have shown that feverfew alone can reduce migraine frequency by up to 50%... and when paired with other herbs, vitamins, and minerals known to prevent migraines the results can be substantial! It’s important to note that every person is different, and benefits may vary from person to person.


Look for high quality feverfew supplements from trusted sources. Optimally disclosing the percent of parthenolides contained in the supplement, as these chemicals are what help people with migraine headaches. 


What Are the Side Effects of Feverfew for Migraines?

While there is not enough evidence to link feverfew to these potential side effects it is important to know that there may be an increased risk of: - Bleeding - Nausea - Stomach cramping - Diarrhea - Bloating - Dry mouth.


For these reasons we do not recommend taking feverfew 1 week prior to surgery. Always consult with your doctor prior to starting any supplement regimen.


Final Words: Should You Try Feverfew for Migraines?

There have been several clinical studies showing evidence for the effectiveness of feverfew for migraine prevention. If you’re someone who frequently suffers from migraines, it may be worth trying feverfew to see if it helps with your symptoms. Keep in mind that it may take a few weeks to notice a real difference as it is primarily a preventative measure. Additionally, consider adding butterbur root, high dose riboflavin (vitamin b2), and magnesium for migraine prevention as the combination of these herbs, vitamins and minerals may be helpful for chronic migraine sufferers. 

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