Do the Holidays Give You a Headache?

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Do the Holidays Give You a Headache?

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It turns out it's not just your in-laws (although I'm sure they aren't helping)! There are many factors leading to why the happiest time of the year can also cause some Grinchy head pains.

Changes in sleep- Up late wrapping presents, up early making the "roast beast"... even getting to sleep in can trigger a headache or migraine! If your body is used to getting 8 hours of sleep each day and suddenly you get 7 or 9 hours of shut eye, you could be in for a rude awakening

Stress- This one is a no brainer, haha... the holidays bring tons of stress. Relatives, money, gift buying at the last minute from the (shudder) mall.

Diet- Holiday parties and holiday blues binge eating... much of our favorite holiday fare contains the chemical tyramine which is known to cause headache and migraine in some individuals. Some foods to look out for include: chocolate, aged cheeses, sour cream, yogurt, yeast extracts and vinegar. Non-tyramine foods to keep an eye on: citrus fruits, milk and milk products, onions and fatty foods. Basically everything yummy.

Weather- Weather changes are a common trigger... 

And finally the big daddy of them all...

Alcohol- Its dehydrating, and it affects your brain chemistry, whats not to love? Red wines, port, sherry and brandy all contain chemicals known to trigger headaches and migraines. Beer is also on the careful list because of the yeast. in general, try and take it easy on the holiday spirits and just focus on having holiday spirit (see what I did there). But if you are going to indulge and want to be extra cautious try drinking white wines, or vodka.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season, and always listen to your body. May your days be merry and migraine and headache free!

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