What is a 'Spoonie'?

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What is a 'Spoonie'?

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I have seen the term 'spoonie' thrown around in hashtags and blogs a lot... but until recently I never understood the background  of the term. I knew it was linked with chronic illnesses and invisible illnesses, but why?

When I was at my worst getting 15-18 migraines a month, I was lost. I didn't realize there were others like me who looked fine, but weren't. I tried to explain to my family and friends why I was too ill to do anything most of the time, but more often than naught they thought I was making it up... I started wondering if I was making it up! I would be sick, in excruciating pain and unable to walk because of the vertigo and I would think... how should I phrase things so my boss won't think I am faking it when I call in sick again? 

I didn't know there were migraine subreddits (check it out, they have some great threads) or chronic migraine bloggers... I was alone and I was lost.

The whole purpose of this blog is to help those who were suffering like I was, to find the resources and support that I now know is out there. I was lucky, and now I want to 'pay it forward' and try to reach others suffering from invisible and chronic illnesses to join together and revel in the excitement of shared experience and understanding. 

If you are not familiar with 'The Spoon Theory' written by Christine Miserandino, please read it here. It is a simple, yet eloquent story about what it is like to live with chronic illness. Share it with others who don't understand. Spread the word and try to join groups, blogs, subreddit for whatever you are dealing with alone. Maybe you will find comfort in the solidarity, or maybe you will find something that helps increase your daily allotment of spoons. Whatever the case, there is power in knowledge, and when you have a chronic illness ANY power is worth it.

Best wishes, and may your spoons be plentiful!

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