We Moved to Texas Ya'all!

We Moved to Texas Ya'all!

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Howdy from Texas! Family Tree Remedies has relocated to the lonestar state to better serve our customers... and our families. We've been quiet lately while settling in, but look forward to more blog posts on migraines as well as some new products!  

Best wishes, and stay warm.

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I’ve been taking Preventamigraine for about 2 years now and it really works. I get very few headaches and if I do get one they are very mild compared to the horrible pain of weekly migraines. But….how long will I have to take these pills? For the rest of my life? I tried to lay off for a few months, but the headaches came back. Is there a permanent cure? Or will I need Preventamigraine for the rest of my life????

Mike Swimmer

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